I wrote this CDL training guide to help people get into a great industry, Trucking. Being raised in a trucking family I know how the industry can help you provide for your family. I also enjoy the freedom that comes with trucking. I want to share this with people who are looking for something real. There is plenty to go around.

If you are reading this, you are someone who wants to go your own way in life. That’s awesome in my opinion; you may as well live if you’re going to be alive. You can do it your own way but you will need help from plenty of other people we are all in this thing together after all.

Attitude is altitude. The results you get will match the attitude you have. Focus your energy on what is important at all times and don’t get caught up in things that should be too small for a giant. You will have setbacks in the process; don’t worry about them just keep going. Faith, preparation and persistence is key.

My Personal Advice

Get a mentor

You will need someone to teach you the ropes in trucking before you start driving. This is very important, without your mentor you will be open to getting took by the big trucking school people who are motivated by money, not your best interest. Take your time and do it right.

This is especially important for female drivers who I love to see out driving by the way. Make sure you connect with an experienced qualified trucker you can trust. They will help you accomplish your goal faster.

Your mentor will help you locate the local shops and places to take your truck for maintenance and tires and things like that. You will need to build new relationships these places are where to start. Introduce yourself to people in the area and if they treat you right come back. Over time through conversation you will learn lots about opportunities in the area.

This is how I was able to get multiple job offers before I started trucking. I met people at the truck parts and maintenance shops and they told me about opportunities. I made a list. I called them and said that I would be getting my CDL soon and I have my own truck. Half of them said that when I get my CDL to call them back. Once I got my CDL half the companies I called back offered me a position as an Owner-operator.

Get your own truck first

Yes you heard it here first. I know you won’t hear this anywhere and it may even sound crazy to you. I want you to be successful, not to continue the status quot.

In order to start out enjoying trucking it is important that you have your own Truck.

Think about it like this, if you were a carpenter it would be expected that you would show up to work with your own tools. Also, wouldn’t it be expected that you would get paid more than someone that the customer has to provide the tools for the job? If you cut grass shouldn’t you get paid less if you use the neighbor’s mower? Shouldn’t you get paid more if you use your own lawn mower and gas? This concept works exactly the same way in trucking.

You benefit from having your own truck in the biggest way:

  1. You can write off the truck purchase and operation as an expense. Ask your CPA or accountant for details.
  2. You will learn from your truck. This will help you pass the CDL Exam.
  3. You will take pride in trucking and get respect from truckers. Why? Because you have your own truck. It’s a trucker thing ask one.
  4. You will get more offers to work because you’re bringing something to the table in addition to yourself.
  5. You will make more money because you’re using your truck.
  6. You can lease your truck and make money.

If you can’t pay cash for it, you can’t afford it

bathroomHere is a picture of a bathroom that I renovated in order to raise money to buy my Truck, “The Senator”. The amount of money it took to buy my truck was equal to 8-10 of these renovations.

Think about it like this and you will win. Use your mind to improve your situation.

Remember there is nothing new under the sun. Anything worth having is worth working and waiting for.

I am telling you what worked for me and what you can do too. It is very important that you avoid debt at all costs. Debt will ensure your misery in trucking this will cause you to quit. You don’t want to get behind the game. If you owe money on a truck and for some reason you miss a payment now somebody’s outside trying to take your truck. If you owe money for Truck school now somebody’s calling your house harassing about a payment. Save yourself a huge headache and skip that stress. You don’t have to go into thousands of dollars of debt that is a bad start.

If you can’t pay cash for it, you can’t afford it.

When it comes to debt, just say NO. That’s really all you need to KNOW. Seriously. Use your talents and hard work to raise the money. Cook food, wait tables, repair tires, paint houses, wash cars, cut lawns, braid hair, wash windows, etc.

Updated DOT Inspection Sticker – CDL Training

Make sure the truck you buy has an updated DOT inspection sticker. If it does not don’t buy the truck.

Before you buy a truck make sure the seller understands that you will not buy the truck unless it passes a DOT inspection. If they have a problem with that, leave it. You will find another truck. Besides, you’re not in a rush.

Before you close on the purchase make sure you have an additional inspection done by a third party. Ask the shop for a pre-purchase DOT inspection. The cost should be less than a hundred bucks or so. Call around and check for prices. You pay for the pre-purchase inspection as the buyer, however if there are issues found and the seller won’t repair them, request they lower the price by the amount quoted by the shop for the repair(s) found. Make this clear before you pay for the inspection. Now you know you have a truck that can do the job.

This whole process is important because you can’t make money if your truck isn’t working. It’s important to get a good truck; you need to have a good start.

Even if you have to renovate a few more kitchens or bathrooms or paint a few more walls wait a little longer and get a better truck. You will only benefit from this decision. If you do it wrong you’ll get behind the game and want to quit.

Conclusion Of CDL Training

It is important that you keep the money you earn when you start trucking, it doesn’t make as much sense now but it will soon enough. If you are spending half of your income getting your truck fixed or making a truck payment, you’re working hard but, not getting anywhere. That’s an easy way to get burned out.

cdl master check list

Truck Driving With Zero Experience

Methods to Build up Your Profession as a Truck Driver

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Free Training Programs

free cdl training The Truth Behind “free” CDL Training Programs

If you want free CDL training, you have to get a government scholarship for CDL training (Class A) which is really hard to get – that’s everything I know about free CDL training.

It appeared, in the 1990’s, as if trucking companies were offering some kind of free training course to the students. But actually they were just using it to promote their company and program and it wasn’t absolutely free too. Almost everyone who wanted a free training, had to agree to some terms and conditions to get it. And this is understandable as you can’t expect the leading trucking companies like Schneider, Swift and England to train a driver who has little experience and no intention to join their company after the training finishes. It takes a lot of money and time to train a driver. So, it is natural if the companies demand something in return from their trainees.

Generally you need to sign a contract to get a “free” CDL training

A trucking company may ask you to sign a contract agreeing to work for them for six months to two years after finishing the training and if you agree with them, they will pay the fees of the training school for you. But it is also very important to show some commitment to the company paying your CDL training fees to vindicate their effort.

You may have noticed many advertisements on free Swift schools or free CDL training programs but don’t get carried away just yet. Before making any decision, you have to keep in mind that you get only what you pay for. The word “free” is a very strong word for advertisement and it certainly gets noticed by everyone. The trucking companies use this to get publicity. In fact, no well-known trucking company is going to give you anything without gaining something in return from you and you have to be aware of this.

Usually you can’t get Commercial driver’s license training for free

If you really want a free training program, try government scholarship. Otherwise, don’t get excited when you see a free CDL training program. When you try to choose a CDL training program for you, try to remember that everything has its own value and no one is going to provide you absolutely free and no obligation CDL training.

You can call a training program free only when you get the training but either you have to pay any money or you have to make any kind of commitment to the company sponsoring you. Most of the time when someone is going to get this so called “free” CDL training, he has to pay the price of the training by agreeing to work for the company providing him the training. Though this may cost you very little or no money at all, it can’t be called an absolutely free training program.

Free CDL training has some advantages too

May be these programs are not totally free as advertised but you have nothing to lose. You get the training and you have a job waiting for you. You can make your career there as this truck driving job is very secure and really pays well, so this may be worth your time.



CDL License Type

CDL Training

If you ever happen to find yourself without a job, driving the Big Rigs is always an option.  Trucking companies large and small are always looking for qualified drivers.  There are three types of CDL classification, Class A, Class B, and Class C.  If you want to be a real trucker, then you will first need to get some Class A CDL Training.  This type of license will allow you to drive a truck and trailer combination whose Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, or GVWR, is 26,001 pounds or greater.  Class B CDL Training is still a good choice, but you are limited to driving only singular vehicles of the same weight, in most cases.  Class C CDL Training allows you to drive vehicles that do not fit the other two classifications.